After You Return

After You Return:

Have you returned from your exotic trip and brought home more than just memories and photos? Here are some guidelines on what to do if you have post-travel health concerns:

If you have just returned from a tropical country and feel unwell:

  • If you have a fever or feel unwell and have traveled in a Malaria zone, you should seek immediate medical attention. Be sure to inform your health care provider that you have travelled in a Malaria zone. (See the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Malaria link.)

Malaria is a medical emergency that requires blood testing to diagnose. You should get tested as soon as possible.

If you have been bitten, scratched, or in contact with a mammal’s saliva:

  • You need to seek post exposure follow up for Rabies as soon as possible.

In BC, the BC Centre for Disease Control is responsible for post exposure Rabies follow-up.

If you have had persistent diarrhea since you’ve returned from your travels:

  • Check with your family physician to see whether you need follow up.
  • Contact Dr. Miguel Imperial, tropical medicine specialist, at or 604-563-6622.

If you have non-emergency concerns regarding your health after returning from your trip:

  • Contact your family physician. Depending on your symptoms, you may be referred to a tropical medicine specialist.