Heading To The Hajj?
You Need To Get Vaxxed!


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To enter Saudi Arabia you MUST have proof that you’ve been vaccinated against ACYW135 meningitis


A valid certificate of immunization will be provided to you following your Hajj meningitis vaccination

How Long Does The Vaccine Last?

The meningitis vaccine is good for at least 5 years



How Does The Vaccination Process Work?

A single dose of Menactra ACWY135 vaccine is given ideally 2 weeks before travel. Children under the age of 2 need 2 doses

What about Children?

A vaccination report is required for polio as well as meningitis for infants and children up to 15 years of age

How Much Does It Cost?

$150 CAD


Meningitis is an infection of the brain caused by a variety of bacteria or viruses, and rarely, fungi. It is extremely serious and often fatal despite treatment. Meningitis requires immediate hospitalization and antibiotics. Bacterial Meningitis, if left untreated, has a mortality rate approaching 100%


In addition to required vaccinations, we recommend you get shots for Hepatitis A ($70), Polio (free) and a seasonal flu shot ($20 or free if covered). If you are travelling elsewhere before or after the Hajj you will also need to book a travel consultation to ensure you are protected against other diseases – particularly if you are travelling to a destination with Yellow Fever or a malaria zone

For more info about Hajj requirements: https://www.saudiembassy.net/hajj-requirements

What are the symptoms of meningococcal meningitis?

The sudden onset of a stiff neck, headache and high fever, sensitivity to light, confusion and vomiting. About 2\3 of people with meningococcal meningitis also develop a bruise-like rash on their bodies

How can I contract it?

By being around other people that carry the disease. When people sneeze, cough, kiss or share eating and drinking utensils, they can spread meningitis bacteria in droplets of saliva or secretions from their nose or throat. Most people that spread meningitis bacteria are not sick

Where can I contract meningitis?

Meningococcal meningitis is found worldwide. Types A, B, C, Y and W135 are responsible for most epidemics. Type A epidemics occur every year in Africa, usually in the African meningitis belt during the December-June dry season but the risk is year round. Saudi Arabia is among a group of countries to have also reported recent epidemics

What vaccines are available?

There are several vaccines available for meningococcal meningitis in Canada, covering the C strain, ACYW strains and the B strain. The ACYW vaccine is commonly used for travellers to some parts of Africa and Saudi Arabia where these strains are more common

Will I need a booster?

Possibly. A booster may be recommended after several years depending on your age, health, vaccination status and continued risk level for contracting meningitis

How can I prevent meningitis?

Avoid crowded areas like public markets. Avoid close physical contact with locals who may not be vaccinated. Avoid sharing cups, water bottles, cigarettes, food and utensils. Wash or sanitize your hands if you come into contact with an object that could be contaminated with nasal secretions

What is the treatment for meningococcal meningitis?

Hospitalization and antibiotics. Of those who recover, up to 15% will be left with serious after effects including hearing loss, brain damage, seizures, gangrene, amputations and kidney damage or failure. Bacterial meningitis can also cause a serious blood infection called septicemia


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