What is it?

Human papillomavirus or HPV are a large number of viruses that infect the skin or genitals

Some types of HPV cause cancer and genital warts

These are the ones that vaccination protects against

What are the symptoms?

Most people who are infected with HPV do not experience symptoms, unless they cause genital warts

How can I contract HPV?

Through any type of sexual activity or skin to skin contact

It is estimated that up to 75% of people who have sexual contact will be infected by HPV at some time in their lives

What vaccines are available for HPV?

Gardasil®9 provides protection that will help prevent cervical cancer, adenocarcinoma, vulvar, vaginal, anal cancers and their precursors as well as many of the types that prevent genital warts

How many shots will I need?

You need 3 shots of Gardasil®9 scheduled over 6 months

Will I need a booster?

Studies are ongoing to determine how long Gardasil®9 works and whether a booster dose will be needed in the longer term

How can I prevent HPV?

The best way to prevent HPV is to get the vaccine before you are sexually active

But there may well be value in getting it even after becoming sexually active to prevent re-infection

Using a condom can also lower your risk of acquiring HPV, but it is not infallible

What is the treatment?

There is no treatment for an HPV infection

However, there are treatments for the health problems that HPV can cause

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