So, you need a TB skin test to continue your life adventure!?

No problem, we can definitely help you with that

At TMVC, we provide TB screening skin tests for students in educational programs and employees in hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions where exposure to tuberculosis is an occupational risk

TB skin testing is mandatory in some BC sectors so check with us to see if it applies to you

Who needs to get a TB skin test?

Healthcare professionals (Your employer will tell you if you need a skin test)

Students or employees entering a day care, pre-school, college or university where a TB skin test is needed for admission or continuation in a program

Those attempting to meet admission requirements to a long-term care facility

Those attempting to meet immigration/emigration requirements

Clients who need the testing as part of an medical assessment or as part of a treatment plan

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What is this test for?

To determine if you have or have ever had TB, or if you have been exposed to the bacteria that causes TB

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So how does it work?

We make two appointments 48-72 hours apart

At the first meeting a registered nurse will inject a drop of fluid containing the protein ‘tuberculin’ just under the skin on your arm

The second appointment will determine if it has caused a reaction

A test is “positive” if there is a specific reaction at the injection site, of a certain diameter that has to be measured correctly within the 48-72 hour period

This may mean you have been exposed to TB at some point in your life

If you had the BCG vaccine for TB in childhood you may get a false positive result

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What happens next?

If you test negative we fill out your paperwork, give it the TMVC stamp of approval and send you on your way

If your test is a true positive, we send you for a chest x-ray and arrange for further assessment as to whether any further action is required

This may include treatment if indicated

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What else do you do?

Depending on the employer or school requisition we may also:

Review your vaccination history

Provide any necessary shots

Order blood work to determine your immune status for some diseases if you need to do this

Provide documentation if you need proof of immunization

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How much does the skin test cost?

The TB skin test costs $80 including the certificate you need to show

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What do I need to bring?

Paperwork issued by your employer school or other facility

Your vaccination history if you have it

Your BC Care card, if you have one

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Do you do other types of tests?


We provide a full range of occupational vaccines including measles mumps rubella (MMR) polio chickenpox tetanus and flu

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What about testing for large groups?

No problem

For groups of 10 or more we will send a registered nurse to your location to undertake the TB test

We provide this service at all 17 of our province-wide clinics

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What if I don't have my vaccination records?

If you can’t locate them we can usually figure out what you will have had based on what you tell us including where and when you were born

Sometimes we can request lab work to see if you have immunity but many vaccines can’t be tested for in this way

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"The Burnaby location has very nice staff that makes your less than fun stay much better (who likes being stuck by one or more needles). They give vaccinations for basically anything that you could need wile out travelling the world. "
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