Below are a few important things to think about before heading out on your trip

This not a comprehensive list

It’s a list designed to get you thinking about general health and safety when travelling abroad

Pack a basic travel health kit

Anti-diarrheal medication
Anti-motion sickness medication
Pain relievers
Anti-bacterial ointment
Hand sanitizer
Aloe gel for sunburns
Moleskin for blisters/gauze
Insect repellent/mosquito nets
Water purification treatments

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Make sure you have adequate travel medical insurance

Check with your credit card company prior to travel to see if you’re covered and what you’re covered for

Find out exactly what conditions will invalidate your insurance policy

Consider buying primary or extra travel medical coverage from a private insurance provider

Make sure you understand the key or important parts of your policy

Ask yourself “what is my worst case travel scenario” and insure yourself against it

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Remember to take your prescriptions if you take regular meds

If something happens to your medications while abroad this will allow local medical practitioners to safely replace them

Think of them the same way you think of your passport

They’re that important

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Drink bottled or filtered water when possible

Safe potable drinking water might be difficult to find in some parts of the world particularly in developing countries

Make sure to drink bottled or filtered water or canned drinks whenever possible

Be smart when drinking local tap water sipping from drinks with ice-cubes or brushing your teeth

Ask yourself  “do local hygiene standards seem acceptable?”

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Pay attention to what you eat

This does not mean you have to avoid local food or can’t eat street food

Get the right vaccinations before you go

Pay attention to local hygiene standards

Avoid food that isn’t fresh

Make sure foods like meats are thoroughly cooked

Eat fruit that can be peeled such as bananas oranges pineapple and mango

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Plan for jet lag

Switch your phones and watches to local time when you get on the plane

Get up and go to bed at your normal time

Exercise and eat when you usually would at the destination

Expose yourself to bright lights and the sun during the day at your destination

Melatonin taken when you go to bed at your destination can help you adjust

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In hot climates always apply and reapply sunscreen

Sunscreen and sunblock are an absolute must for those heading to sun sea and surf destinations

But some kind of sunscreen is advisable for all travellers

SPF 15 is the TMVC recommended minimum

Always be applying and reapplying sunscreen particularly if you are in marine or desert locations

A hat sunglasses and UV resistant clothing are also a good idea especially if you are light-skinned

Don’t forget to drink lots of bottled water to keep hydrated

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Do not touch or feed wild animals including feral cats and dogs

If you do you could be injured or end up with a serious disease like rabies

Even animals that look healthy can have rabies or other diseases

Supervise children carefully when they are around animals

Be cautious when entering caves or other places where bats might nest

Be sure you are up to date with your tetanus vaccination

If you are bitten or scratched by a dog bat or other mammal wash the wound with soap and water and see a doctor immediately

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Wear protective gear when taking part in adventure tourism

The list here is endless but think helmets and flotation devices

Our main advice is to avoid taking unnecessary risks

Your insurance policy may have a clause that invalidates injury claims related to adventure activities when you are not wearing protective gear

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Make sure to acclimatize when visiting high-altitude destinations*

Climb mountains or hills gradually

Altitude sickness can kick in over 2400m so take medical advice about this specific to your itinerary

Sleep at lower altitudes when possible

Avoid alcohol

Get prescribed altitude sickness medication when appropriate

Stay warm

*The wrong advice can be fatal so get specialized medical advice for your high altitude trip

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"The Burnaby location has very nice staff that makes your less than fun stay much better (who likes being stuck by one or more needles). They give vaccinations for basically anything that you could need wile out travelling the world. "
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