Are your routine immunizations up to date?

Routine Immunizations

If you grew up in Canada you probably got your childhood immunizations, but have you kept up with recommended boosters? If you moved to Canada from another part of the world, you might need a full course of some or all of the routine immunizations.

Vaccine-preventable illnesses are common in many developing countries. When you come in for your consultation, TMVC’s travel medicine specialists will review your medical history and recommend the vaccines that are right for you.

Routine vaccinations in Canada include:

Do you Need a Flu Shot for Travel?

Depending on your destination, you might need a Flu shot. In the southern hemisphere, Flu season runs from May through October, and in the tropics the Flu Season is year round. During your consultation, our travel health specialists will let you know if you would benefit from a Flu shot.

Contact us for more information on travel vaccinations and immunizations.

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