TMVC Flu Shot Program Helps “I Boost Immunity”

by | Nov 23, 2016 | News, Non-Travel Vaccines, Occupational Health

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TMVC has teamed up with I Boost Immunity to make your flu shot have a global impact! For every flu shot that TMVC administers through our Workplace Influenza Vaccination Program, TMVC will donate one vaccine to I Boost Immunity.

Corporate customers who book their 2016/2017 influenza vaccinations now will  play an active role in helping to protect tens of thousands of the world’s most vulnerable children from vaccine-preventable diseases. Through this partnership with I Boost Immunity (IBI), a Canadian-based online immunization advocacy network,  lifesaving vaccines will be donated to UNICEF Canada to immunize children in a developing country.

According to UNICEF, 19.4 million children missed out on basic vaccines needed to stay healthy last year. Almost one third of deaths among children under five are preventable by vaccines.

For TMVC, the potential to have a global impact on the health of children worldwide, ties our Corporate Flu Program to our travel health services.  Our mission is to provide our workplace and travel customers with the highest level of service and expertise to maximize your health at work and during your travels.  Our staff has travelled extensively, and a large proportion of our physicians and nurses regularly volunteer their professional medical expertise abroad. This new  partnership with IBI in support of UNICEF Canada now allows our corporate customers, too, to make a difference in world health, providing life-saving vaccinations to children in developing countries while taking care of their own health needs.

TMVC hopes that the potential to save a child’s life with the simple act of getting the flu shot is added motivation to book your workplace flu vaccination session through TMVC.

For each flu vaccination administered through the workplace flu program, I Boost Immunity will provide a tetanus, polio or measles vaccine to UNICEF Canada to vaccinate marginalized children at risk of deadly illnesses.

I Boost Immunity (IBI) is an online learning and sharing platform for vaccination based in Canada. As the first of its kind anywhere in the world, IBI is built on the premise that rewarding individual knowledge with a practical outcome can save lives. The website uses quizzes, articles and stories to raise local literacy around immunization in a fun and engaging way, and pairs it with a global reward: vaccines for kids through UNICEF. For each quiz question you get right , IBI will donate one vaccine to immunize a child in support of UNICEF Canada.  TMVC customers are encouraged to get involved by taking the fun quizzes and earn vaccines here:

I Boost Immunity is funded by the British Columbia Ministry of Health, managed by the Public Health Association of BC (PHABC) and is partnered with ImmunizeBC – a collaboration from across the health sector in BC including the BC Centre for Disease Control, BC Pharmacy Association & regional health authorities.

To book your company flu shots or find out more, go to, call our Workplace Flu Program coordinators at  604-678-1391, toll-free at 1-888-288-8682 or e-mail





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