Booking appointments and not knowing what to expect can be an intimidating experience. Especially when an appointment is not a regular occurrence. We know what that feeling is like, which is why we want you to be prepared when you book an appointment with us! In our blog post, we will talk about booking the TB Skin Test appointment, including any additional requirements that may be needed, all the way until you leave your appointment with your results in your hand! 


How do I Book An Appointment? 


Before you book your appointment, make sure TMVC is the best place for you. At TMVC, we screen individuals for occupational health requirements. We do not offer treatment plans or any extra steps in the testing process should they be required. To book an appointment, you can visit our website and fill out the form. To fill out the form, follow these easy steps: 

  • Input your name
  • Input your  address
  • Click the drop down stating you would like to book an appointment
  • Select the location
  • Enter your phone number
  • Add any comments that you would like to be sent.


 One of our representatives will respond and confirm your appointment. For TB Skin Tests, there are two appointments required that are 48 – 72 hours apart. You will book both of these appointments when you fill out your form


Pre Appointment Recommendations and Requirements


It is always good to know if there are any required tasks you need to fulfill before your appointment so that you are prepared and don’t have to reschedule. It is always frustrating having to rebook any type of appointment because there was a requirement you did not do. Fortunately, there are no special instructions or requirements that you need to follow before your TB Skin Test. However, you should bring any previous TB Skin Test results and a list of medications that you are currently taking. This ensures that all the information is accurate and makes the appointment efficient and easy. 



What to Expect in your First Appointment


The TB Skin Test is a fast and easy process that our Registered Nurses have tons of experience with. At your first appointment, the Registered Nurse will inject a small protein derivative solution under the skin of the forearm, resulting in a red blob (kind of like a mosquito bite!). After this has been administered you get to go home! All the hard work is done and now you just need some time for your body to react. 


What to Expect in your Second Appointment


When you come back for your next appointment after 48 hours, the Registered Nurse will assess the injection area for a possible reaction and provide you with the results. If the test is negative, you will get the documentation needed indicating a negative result and you can be on your way! Our TB Skin Tests are super easy and efficient, making it less stressful on you!


What if my Test Result is Positive?


a checklist with a red cross indicating the requirements for a tb skin testIf your test result is positive, the Registered Nurse completes a TB Screening Form. In the form, any potential risk factors are documented and you will receive a requisition to receive a Chest X-Ray. All of the results from the X-Ray are sent and reviewed by the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control who will then make any further testing recommendations and can give you more detail on whether you have active Tuberculosis, latent Tuberculosis, or a false positive. After the X-Ray has been requested, TMVC does not play a part in any of the steps after. 


How Much Does this Cost? 


a stack of moneyPrices will vary between different Travel Clinics. At TMVC, the Price for our TB Skin Test is $80. This will include the administration of the test and any documents given or needed signed by you by one of our registered nurses. For more information on our prices, visit our Price List.


Time to Book!


Although booking appointments can be intimidating, especially if it is an appointment that is not a regular occurrence, we are here to help guide you through the process and make it the least stressful as possible. Between booking your appointment and attending your appointment, you can always call or visit our website for more information or any questions you may have. If you are needing your TB Skin Test appointment, don’t wait and head to our website to book today!