Yellow Fever Vaccine – GLOBAL SHORTAGE

If you are traveling to South America or Africa, you may require a Yellow Fever vaccine. Here is how the global shortage may affect you:

The Public Health Agency of Canada has advised that a smaller dose of the vaccine be used in order to extend supply. This arrangement will continue until at least mid-March 2017. This smaller dose will protect you for one year, while the usual full dose offers lifetime protection. The price of the smaller dose has been reduced to $50.

When you receive the vaccine, you will receive a certificate stating that you were given a smaller dose that is good for one year.


Normally, a nurse would administer the vaccine immediately following your consultation. However, the smaller dose requires an additional visit to the clinic. Here’s why:

A full dose of Yellow Fever vaccine comes in a vial that must be used within one hour of opening. Now that we are required to divide this full dose into multiple smaller doses, we must group clients requiring the vaccine together. This way, the vaccine can be fully utilized.

If you need the vaccine but are departing before you can return for one of these group appointments, it may be possible to make an exception and issue a full dose.


Your consultant will determine if Yellow Fever vaccine is actually required for your trip.  This is dependent on border entry requirements and your specific itinerary. It may be that rather than administer the vaccine, we can issue a waiver to allow entry into certain countries.  This will vary from person to person and your consultant will assess you personally today.