What is a Travel Consultation?

A travel consultation provides you with a risk management plan for your trip, based on a detailed risk assessment of your travel plans. A risk assessment evaluates your health status and reviews the health and safety risks associated with your itinerary. Your personalized risk management plan will identify the most effective approaches for:

  • Promoting your health and safety, and
  • Minimizing your risk of illness or other adverse health outcomes.

Your health status evaluation will consider:

  • Your underlying health conditions including chronic illness or conditions that may suppress your immune system.
  • Your age, particularly for infants, children, and the elderly.
  • Medications that you currently take or have taken in the past three months.
  • Your vaccination history, including any adverse reactions you may have experienced.
  • Any allergies you may have, particularly to eggs, latex, yeast, or thimerosal (mercury).
  • Whether you are you planning to have surgery or other medical care when you are travelling.
  • Whether you are currently or plan to get pregnant or to nurse a child.
  • Whether there are there any potential contraindications or precautions to vaccinations or medications based on your health history.

Your itinerary review will consider:

  • Your destinations and which order you will travel to them
  • Dates and amount of time you will stay at each destination
  • Types of transportation you will use at and between destinations
  • Amount of time you will spend in urban, rural, and wilderness settings
  • Reason you are travelling (such as business, vacation, visiting friends and relatives)
  • Style of travel (e.g. first class, adventure, spontaneous, organized tour)
  • Types of accommodations you will stay at in each area (such as air-conditioned hotels, screened tents, etc.)
  • Planned and potential activities (such as hiking, scuba diving, camping, animal contact, fresh water exposure, sexual contact, potential exposure to foodborne or waterborne illness)
  • Potential insect exposure
  • Prevalence of infectious diseases and other health risks in each destination

Your risk management plan:

Your risk management plan will provide complete guidance on how to manage your health while you are travelling. Our specialists will assess the health and safety risks you will face while travelling and recommend prevention strategies.

Before making these recommendations, our specialists also consider your:

  • Previous travel experience
  • Perception of risk
  • Peer groups
  • Potential barriers to care, e.g. economic
  • Attitude regarding vaccine safety
  • Language limitations at destination(s)

We consider these factors to ensure you fully understand the risks and are able to make fully informed travel health decisions.

Recommendations contained in your personal risk management plan may include:

  • Routine, required, and recommended vaccinations
  • Medication to prevent Malaria
  • Medications to treat Travellers’ Diarrhea and altitude sickness
  • Strategies to avoid foodborne and waterborne illness
  • Techniques to prevent insect bites
  • Strategies and behavioral modifications to prevent illness and injury
  • Recommendations to change your itinerary

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