Workplace Flu Clinics Improve Your Bottom Line and Your Employees’ Health


BC’s #1 provider of Workplace Flu Vaccinations


of your workforce, costing up to $420 for each sick employee.

UP TO 45%

A workplace flu program can reduce sick time by up to 45%

Where Do the Vaccinations Take Place?

We come to you. Our program will be administered on your company premises

How Does The Vaccination Process Work?

TMVC will work with you to establish the most convenient time for you and your employees

How Do You Minimize Impact to My Business

Online Scheduling minimizes workday interruptions

How Much Will This Save Us?

Use our calculator below to

Calculate the Return on Your Investment:

Fill in the values for you workplace in our calculator to estimate the potential ROI of implementing a Workplace Flu Clinic at your workplace.

Number of employes in organization
Average cost of a lost work day
Average number of work days lost to flu
Total cost of lost work days to flu (per employee) 500
Average number of employees who get flu each year (15%) 4
Estimated total cost to company due to flu absentism 2250
Cost to vaccinate employees against flu 30
Savings from implementing a flu vaccination program 1590


As BC’s number #1 provider of workplace flu vaccinations, we can point to thousands of satisfied customers.

Our experienced medical doctors and nurses safely administer more than 25,000 vaccinations annually.

We offer 17 convenient locations to serve you from, competitive prices, and over 20 years experience.






TMVC is the largest medical facility in British Columbia specializing in travel and occupational medicine services and vaccinations.

Since 1991, our 17 province-wide BC-owned and operated medical clinics have counselled and safely vaccinated more than 1,000,000 patients.

Our clinics are staffed by highly experienced medical doctors and nurses who specialize in vaccination and immunization. It’s why we’re the leader in our sector!