Please arrive on-time for your scheduled appointment

Come alone to your appointment unless you require assistance

Stay 6 feet apart from everyone in the clinic except for your health care provider

√ Stay behind the designated distancing tape when speaking with Reception

√ Have all forms filled out PRIOR to entering the clinic

√ Bring as little “extra” as possible in the way of bags, jackets, etc…

√ Bring a mask and wear it at all times in the clinic

√ Use designated hand sanitizer station as you enter the clinic

Please Cancel or Reschedule your appointment if:

• You have a cough, fever, or difficulty breathing and have had these symptoms in the last 14 days
• You have been in contact with someone with the above symptoms in the last 14 days
• You or anyone you are in close contact with have travelled outside of BC in the last 14 days

You will not be permitted in the clinic if you are showing any symptoms of being sick


TMVC is a BC-owned and operated one-stop travel medicine clinic. Everything from the initial consultation to the shots and prescription medications you need takes place onsite on the same day. This is the TMVC advantage: specialist travel medicine doctors and nurses, same day personalized service, convenient locations, competitive prices and a guaranteed commitment to your health and well-being
We love taking care of people and we’ll take care of you

"The Burnaby location has very nice staff that makes your less than fun stay much better (who likes being stuck by one or more needles). They give vaccinations for basically anything that you could need wile out travelling the world. "
Mike G - Yelp