• Have you obtained health information to travel in tropical or developing countries?
  • Have you received all required or recommended travel vaccines?
  • Have you inquired about protection against malaria?
  • Are you aware of how you protect yourself against food and water-borne diseases?
  • Are you equipped to handle medical emergencies or injuries while travelling?

The Travel Medicine & Vaccination Centre is your complete one-stop travel clinic for all your international medical health needs.

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    • 2014 Hajj and Umrah Travellers

      This year the Hajj,  the pilgrimage to Mecca and the largest annual gathering in the world, will take place from approximately October 2 and 7. Umrah, a similar pilgrimage that can be carried out at any time of the year, is expected to be especially busy during the month of Ramadan (approximately June 28 to… | more info

    • WHO Declares Polio an International Public Health Emergency

      Unfortunately, polio is in the news again.  While a few short years ago, we were expecting polio soon to be eradicated,  there now is concern about the international spread of wild polio viruses from a number of countries. Following an emergency meeting with affected countries, the World Health Organization has stepped up their efforts to contain and stop… | more info

    • Vaccine Against Meningococcal B Infection (Bexsero) Now Available at TMVC

      Bexsero®, a vaccine for the prevention of Meningococcal B infections, is now available at our Lower Mainland  and Victoria clinics. MenB is an unpredictable and potentially deadly disease which is easily misdiagnosed and can kill within 24 hours of onset. Bexsero® has come to attention as the first and only broad coverage vaccine to help protect against… | more info