• Have you obtained health information to travel in tropical or developing countries?
  • Have you received all required or recommended travel vaccines?
  • Have you inquired about protection against malaria?
  • Are you aware of how you protect yourself against food and water-borne diseases?
  • Are you equipped to handle medical emergencies or injuries while travelling?

The Travel Medicine & Vaccination Centre is your complete one-stop travel clinic for all your international medical health needs.

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    • Vaccine Against Meningococcal B Infection (Bexsero) Now Available at TMVC

      Bexsero®, a vaccine for the prevention of Meningococcal B infections, is now available at our Lower Mainland  clinic.   MenB is an unpredictable and potentially deadly disease which is easily misdiagnosed and can kill within 24 hours of onset. Bexsero® has come to attention as the first and only broad coverage vaccine to help protect against MenB.   Lately,… | more info

    • Hiring a Travel Nurse Immunizer – Lower Mainland

      Company Overview With 18 locations, TMVC is the largest medical facility in British Columbia specializing in travel and occupational medicine services and immunizations. Travel clinics are staffed by doctors, nurse practitioners, and nurses with a broad range of experience and interest in travel medicine.  The company is privately owned and operated and was founded in… | more info

    • Yellow Fever Vaccine Now In Stock

      We are happy to announce that TMVC has been informed by the supplier of Yellow Fever vaccine, Sanofi, that the shortage of Yellow Fever is coming to an end. We are able to purchase Yellow Fever vaccine without restrictions. If you are planning a trip to a Yellow Fever risk zone, now is the time… | more info