Your Dream Cruise And Yellow Fever

Dreaming of the cruise of your life time to exotic ports and tropical lands? Disease risk is something your travel agent usually does not tell you about before you pull out the credit card and pay for your trip. This can be problematic for various reasons. Sometimes, you might not have enough time for necessary travel vaccinations before you embark to obtain full protection. Other times the shots needed might be downright contraindicated for you.

Recently, we had a senior couple coming in for their travel consult before a cruise to South America. Their itinerary saw them traveling into Yellow Fever zones and they needed proof of vaccination for entry into Costa Rica. Matters where further complicated by the fact the the husband was immuno-compromised and the Yellow Fever vaccine was contraindicated for him.

The travel medicine specialist at our clinic had to recommend the couple not travel on the proposed cruise. The travel agency would not give them a refund if they canceled. Needless to say, this elderly couple embarking on what they thought would be the trip of their life time was very upset. In the end, they were able to alter their itinerary (stay in port for a number of the proposed day trips into Yellow Fever areas) and I am hoping they are enjoying the cruise as I write this.

To avoid similar stress, make sure you check in with a travel medicine clinic before booking your exotic trip to far off lands.